Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Broadway Bagels at Ardkeen Quality Food Store

Ardkeen Online
How a family's passion have brought sensational bagels to our store.

Christmas 2000 found Des and Rosie Sheehan and family happily settled in Dungarvan, County Waterford. Broadway Bagels was founded two years later. Their goal was to bring to an emerging and discerning society of food lovers a range of authentic New York-style bagels made in Ireland with;

  • NO preservatives, NO additives and NO cholesterol.... So far, so good!
  • They are made to an authentic, secret New York formula, using only the freshest ingredients- sourced in Ireland.
  • They are dairy-free.
  • They have less than 2% fat (break out the bikinis-ladies only please!)
  • And... it doesn't hurt that Rosie is a real New Yorker who should know from real bagels, because if a real New Yorker doesn't know what a real bagel is, then the universe just doesn't make sense!!
  • Because one the Sheehan boys suffers from eczema, it was essential that the bagel formula contained no dreaded 'Es'

What started as a back-room bakery with 2 people producing about 100 bagels a day for a small shop has grown to a 2500 square foot factory producing over 10,000 bagels a day with 7 staff members, with expansion into a purpose-built factory unit. The staff at Broadway Bagels are as enthusiastic about making great bagels as Des and Rosie are... and it shows, because not only do they eat the bagels every day themselves, they put up with Des's dancing on the factory floor, and they politely excuse themselves to laugh out of his earshot.

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